Contributors are individuals and corporations that love the Big Brown Get Down and desire to make a financial and/or in-kind contribution

Scholars are middle or high school students who want to come to the Get Down

Investors are working professionals interested in providing opportunities for youth 



The Big Brown Get Down is independently financed through individual donations and corporate sponsorships. Corporations interested in providing financial and in-kind support should contact our team at info@bigbrowngetdown.com. Individuals who would like to make a financial donation should do so via Mayor's Youth Leadership Alumni Association (MYLIAA) website. 


Instructions to donate:

Click donate button, then in the "Donation Information" box, choose preferred donation amount, click "I would like to designate this donation...", then choose "Big Brown Get Down" in drop down menu, then fill out donor information and address fields, and finally press "Donate" button at the bottom of the page.


MYLIAA serves as the fiscal sponsor for the 2019 Big Brown Get Down.

MYLIAA, founded in 2014, is a nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C. MYLIAA was created to support the work and efforts of past and present members of the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute (MBYLI) created in 1979. MBYLI is a four-level year round leadership training and development program for young people in the District of Columbia, ages 14-19. The MBYLI training model emphasizes practical hands-on experience and a holistic approach to developing leaders of the 21st century. All proceeds will support the Big Brown Get Down and the ongoing work of the MYLIAA.



While all students are welcome, this event is specifically designed with high schoolers who live and/or learn in Wards 7&8. Scholars are being asked to preregister for the BBGD


Investors are professionals and college graduates who are willing to provide opportunities for our high school scholars to thrive. In this capacity, investors provide one of the following: a paid job, an unpaid internship, a mentoring relationship, a one-time shadowing experience, and/or a service-learning project. You can sign-up to become an investor by clicking here.